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Prodovite 30 day Bottle 4 Bottles available $89                 IntraMIN 30 day 1 Bottle available $67 

10 Bottles and 2 Boxes should arrive 1/ 22/2021     



L-Glutamine Powder 3 cans available $45            9 Patches available $6 each



Level 5 Small Jar - 2 available - $90                                           The Stick - Level 5 - 1 available $80 

12 small jars, 2 large jars and 4 sticks should arrive  1/2/2021



2 Kits available in office $700 + 6 week support         Body Contouring add on: 7 Bottles available $64



             1 kit available $100                                                                                    1 packages available $127.50


Heart and Hydration Electrolyte and Cardiovascular Support 

1 - 30 Pack of each flavor is available: Watermelon, Grape, Grapefruit and Elderberry  available $45 each save $5



Regenetron HOME UNIT PEMF THERAPY $3,000 save $1,000

Regenetron PEMF therapy is a Solid State Digital unit. Easy to use, 5 separate settings
pulse PEMF treatment. Gentle used since September 2020. Price includes priority shipping. 

The Regenetron is the perfect choice for at home use offers a multitude of functions that benefit body and mind. It is a powerful health maintenance tool that can be used throughout your day or while you sleep.

The Regenetron makes all medicines more bioavailable, and rejuvenates your cells down to the level of the Mitochondria. The different brainwave functions make it a brain entrainment device as well to help with sleep, relaxing the mind and body, and checking off the to do list for the day. It comes with two applicators; a torso sized mat that is great for larger areas, as well as a paddle for localized PEMF treatments. Both can be placed under your pillow while you sleep for a sound night's sleep. 


Pillows are in office pick up only. 4 available $30 save $10


Integrated Urinalysis Panel Test Kit

Urine Kits are in-office pick up only - 10 Kits available 

$225 - Includes Urine Kit, Priority shipping to the company, Results and Recommendations. 


Custom Shoe Orthotics by Foot Levelers

Scan $10, 1 Custom Pair $299.99 add a 2nd pair for $99.99.

Visit Foot Levelers to learn more about custom 3 arch foot stabilzers. 

Custom Foot Levelers for your work shoes, gym shoes or everyday walking shoes



Post-poned on Drucker Labs products only due to current events

Visit Drucker Labs to learn about IntraMAX2.0 and IntraKID2.0 or VNI Prodovite.

Top quality efficient nutrition that gets in supplements Prodovite, IntraMAX, IntraKID products!



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SYNERGY ProArgi9+ 

Synergy WorldWide’s flagship product is the revolutionary ProArgi-9+. Known as the world’s highest quality l-arginine supplement, ProArgi-9+ has a clinically-proven, patent-pending formula that works powerfully to support your body’s blood circulation.

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VNI - Prodovite & Brain Reward  

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Vibrant Hemp Patches 

Harmony Patches


??Wild yam extract
Regulating the body’s progesterone levels.

??The woman’s menstrual cycle is dominated by two hormones. #Estrogen and #progesterone. The first half of the cycle (Day 1-13 estrogen is the dominant hormone.) Ovulation usually takes place on day 14. The day BEFORE ovulation estrogen begins to fall and progesterone begins to increase. This continues for about seven days and then the production of progesterone begins to decrease. Progesterone levels are at their lowest when menstruation begins. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries is linked to the development of the breasts and uterus at puberty. After puberty it’s role is to build the uterine lining each month prior to egg production as well as help regulate the menstrual cycle and regulate cholesterol levels.
Due to the increased use of chemicals, our diet and the increased use of estrogen in contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, more and more women are experiencing an imbalance between these two hormones.

How do you know if you need the Harmony PatchUp?
??60% of women in the Western world suffer from PMS at some level. Some are psychological, related to food, stress etc. This is all due to the estrogen and progesterone and imbalance.
??Women with PMS consume three times as much sugar as those without. ??????
Fortunately, this imbalance can be addressed with the new #HarmonyPatchUp by increasing progesterone when it’s needed in the menstrual cycle.
??What does progesterone do?
Immune system is boosted causing physical and mental increase and creating calmness.
Progesterone also protects against toxic substances and acts as a natural diuretic.
??Menopause, which means, “last period” causes a significant decline in progesterone. Harmony will drastically reduce these symptoms.

??Wear for 3 weeks and take a week off during a cycle. 24/month supply $49



The above information was taken directly from this??PatchUps video! ??



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