"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and the cause and prevention of disease." -Thomas Edison


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Topical Pain Relief Products

1 roll-On Professional Sticks Biofreeze 

8 bottles of pain cream lotion ACTIFLEX 

1 bottle PainZone cream 

1 bottle Anesthall cream 

1 bottle Relief cream

CBD Patch 28 Patches $6 each. Pain management 24-hour patch

Harmony Patches 18 Patches $5 each. Hormone Balance Progesterone 24-hour patch

All CBD CLINIC LEVEL 5 Pain jar or stick products will be ordered per request. Shipping direct to your home from the company by FEDEX is $8.20. Our office will pay for the shipping if you purchase 3 or more products. This product contains 16% menthol, 11%camphor that is the topical component on this skin, 200mg CBD and 4 essential oils: (peppermint oil, tea tree oil, clove oil and eucalyptus oil) 


ChiroNutraceutical ChiroThin company

2 bottles Ultra-Vite Multi Vitamin $40 now $20 each

1 bottle Nature-ease $20 now $10

2 bottles Thyroid Support $30 now $20 each

7 bottles CLEAN $30 now $20 each

5 bottles Chol-Control (high cholesterol support) $40 now $20 each




5 bottles Quinine Cinchona tincture $49.50 now $30 each

1 bottles Vitamin D3 $17 now $8 each

1 bottles Cherry Chews Vit C $25 now $18 each

2 bottles Buffered C Vit C $29.50 now $22 each

5 bottles of Zinc chewables $29.50 now $20 each


5 bottles Turmeric $39.50 now $20 each

3 bottles of Inflammation tincture $29.50 now $15 each

5 bottles of X Flame capsules $39.50 now $20 each

4 powder containers of X Flame $59.50 now $40 each

1 bottle of INFLAM II $48 now $28


1 bottle Liver Gallbladder tincture $29.50 now $17

5 bottles Cybzyme 90ct $39.50 now $30 each

2 bottles Cybzyme 180ct 69.50 now $55 each

1 bottle LivClear II $53.50 now $32

1 container of GI Complete powder (raspberry flavor) $69 now $50

2 bottles Frontier Cleanse $33.50 now $24

5 bottles B12 dropper Raspberry Flavor $25 now $15 each

3 bottles B12 dropper Cherry (Cough Syrup Flavor imo) $25 now $15

1 bottle SuperFood tincture $29.50 now $17

3 containers of UT Cleanse $48.50 now $30 each

3 bottles of CandiKill II (yeast or candida issues) $89.50 now $50 each

1 bottle of Endocrine tincture $29.50 now $20

3 bottles of Sugar Solve (insulin resistance support) $43.50 now $29 each

3 bottles of Control (insulin resistance support) $39.50 now $29 each

1 bottle Brain Boost II $49.50 now $20

1 bottle Pure MCT oil (good fats) $29.50 now $15

1 bottle Tone & Lean CLA $45 now $29

1 bottle AdrenaMaxx III $58.50 now $30

2 bottles of Adrenal tincture $29.50 now $18 each


Custom Shoe Orthotics – Foot Levelers  SALE PRICE $250/ 1 pair $365/2 pairs SELF PAY ONLY

Custom Sandal Orthotics – Foot Levelers $100 off 1 pair 

Custom Sandal Orthotics - Foot Levelers 1 pair regular price add a 2nd pair $99

Custom 3-D Foot Scan - $25 now $10

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3 ChiroFlow Water base Cervical Pillows $59.95 now $25


Food Scales

4 Food Scales No batteries included $15 now $7 each

10 Food Scales with factory batteries included $15 now $10 each

Weight Scales - BRAND NEW Factory Sealed

6 scales, standard size for adults weighs up to 400lbs $23.95 now $10 each


DEMO PRODUCTS - Weight Scales Open for display purposes no box no battery

LOVE Scale $17 now $5

Round Scale for small footed adult or child $15 now $5




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Vibrant Patch

Vibrant Patch

??Full spectrum CBD patch.
Oral (drops, capsules etc.) CBD bioavailability is only 5 to 10%. That is all that is reaching the blood stream.
Why? Because of “First pass metabolism” meaning, only a small amount reaches the bloodstream after passing through the digestive system.

??Not all patches are created equal! Most companies have a patch with just a slight increase of bio availability of 10-15%.

??PPProprietary technology that has increased the bio availability of our PatchUps to compare to a 24 hour TIME RELEASED INJECTION. 80% increase of oral bioavailability!

Oil and water solvable CBD from the hemp plant. NOT THC which creates a “high” sensation.
Mood improvement
Sleep and more!

Adaptogen herb that normalizes physiological function that has been disturbed by body stressors. Several benefits for the body and brain include :
Corrects balances in the immune system, and decreases inflammation. Assists with fatigue and sleep. Reduces cortisol, boosts brain function and balances blood sugar.

Assists with, anxiety, mood, ADHD, PMS, blood pressure stabilization and pain issues. Also assist with the metabolism of fat and promotes lean muscle tissue development.

??Black peppercorn extract
Blocks the formation of fat cells!
Highly beneficial for weight management. Also brain and endurance benefits. Acts as a carrier for increased absorption.

Cardiovascular, lung, brain and endurance benefits. Prevention of cancer, migraines. It also reduces the oxidative damage that leads to muscle fatigue, skin damage and brain/lung diseases.


Harmony Patch


??Wild yam extract
Regulating the body’s progesterone levels.

??The woman’s menstrual cycle is dominated by two hormones. #Estrogen and #progesterone. The first half of the cycle (Day 1-13 estrogen is the dominant hormone.) Ovulation usually takes place on day 14. The day BEFORE ovulation estrogen begins to fall and progesterone begins to increase. This continues for about seven days and then the production of progesterone begins to decrease. Progesterone levels are at their lowest when menstruation begins. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries is linked to the development of the breasts and uterus at puberty. After puberty it’s role is to build the uterine lining each month prior to egg production as well as help regulate the menstrual cycle and regulate cholesterol levels.
Due to the increased use of chemicals, our diet and the increased use of estrogen in contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy, more and more women are experiencing an imbalance between these two hormones.

How do you know if you need the Harmony PatchUp?
??60% of women in the Western world suffer from PMS at some level. Some are psychological, related to food, stress etc. This is all due to the estrogen and progesterone and imbalance.
??Women with PMS consume three times as much sugar as those without. ??????
Fortunately, this imbalance can be addressed with the new #HarmonyPatchUp by increasing progesterone when it’s needed in the menstrual cycle.
??What does progesterone do?
Immune system is boosted causing physical and mental increase and creating calmness.
Progesterone also protects against toxic substances and acts as a natural diuretic.
??Menopause, which means, “last period” causes a significant decline in progesterone. Harmony will drastically reduce these symptoms.

??Wear for 3 weeks and take a week off during a cycle. 24/month supply $49



The above information was taken directly from this??PatchUps video! ??




Topical Pain Cream products and massage oils available

We will order on your behalf and have the company ship direct to your home.


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